Training occurring in dark with weird voice calling out pitch

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I tried to do a training on basic handling. I did the same training yesterday and it was fine. Today I repeated it and it was occurring in real time - ie it was at night and the plane and sky were dark. In addition, a voice kept calling out things attitude underscore dlg. Restarting the sim didn’t fix the problem. I didn’t make any configuration changes since yesterday other than a couple controller button assignments.

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Okay , I partially figured this out. It all seems to be related to FSUIPC7. The time of day thing was because I had enabled an option to sync flight time to system time. I didn’t realize that would apply even to trainings.

Quitting FSUIPC entirely fixed the issue with the weird narration, but I’m not sure what specifically was causing it. Here’s an example of what was appearing in the objectives and being read out loud:


Update: Waiting for input from John Dowson, but it appears that the problem is caused by turning on the autosave options in FSUIPC7. No idea why that would be but on first pass, disabling those options makes the problem go away.