Trak IR

Does trak IR work in msfs 2020? I wanna get one but Amazon reviews are all over the place as usual, so I’m confused…any info is much appreciated!!!

It works very well.


Thank you!!!

Yes I second that. It takes a bit of fine tuning but it is very effective. I have the track clip pro (usb plug) and the hat bracket (piece of metals that you fix to a baseball cap) and I have to say I never use the track clip pro.

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I’ve never even tried the hat clip, pro clip is on my headset always. :smiley:

But yes, works great, first adjustment, get the “center button” off your screen shot (F12) button.

Second, I suggest starting with the “smooth profile” and from there I even decreased speed by five and upped the smooth to 20 … what ever unit of measure twenty smooths is?

Oh and hat clip center the unit/pro clip set it off slightly to your right.

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Thank you!!

For me it was a game changer. Id be hard pressed to go back to flying without it.

The ProClip works much better than the hat reflector.

I have had the pro for years…adds a whole new dimension to flight sims.

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BUY IT ON THE TRACKIR shop… stop amazon

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The TrackIR is the best way to enjoy this SIM if you have not VR. Pro clip is super cool. Recommended <3