Transparent buildings of autogen

Hello. Recently I noticed such a bug, the buildings of the autogen are transparent and this is almost everywhere… Perhaps this is due to additions, but you must agree, it should not be like this…

Quite a few airport terminal buildings have this issue.


Please fix this problem!


Hello TolstykhPA, could you share specific areas where you see this issue occurring.
If you have exact coordinates along with some screenshots this will help a lot. Thank you.

This happens almost everywhere, I think the simulator mixes the default script with addons. Also, some custom airports use the textures of other custom airports, if the textures have the same names… I think you need to work on the logic of loading customs airports…
In addition, when you re-select the aircraft in the menu, the teletraps in the ports disappear…

It’s not just custom airports. I think there are some around KLAS that are like this. Whole terminal buildings with their sides missing. I’ve also seen it for the airport beacon, where it comes, and goes when you are taxiing around the airport, but the buildings are transparent all the time.

The next time I see one I will post its image, and location here.


I have this problem too.


I have seen this at Tallinn Airport (EETN), for the airport ‘terminals’ when flying in to this airport as an arrival.

However, it isn’t always reproducible. E.g. spawning there just now gave me the buildings as they should be.

I occasionally have seen this for other airfields as well, but never reproducible all the time. It is as if there is a hiccup in the loading of the data that is required to generate the buildings.

Dubai on Ultra with no Bing maps or pg.

Bing Maps ON, but PG OFF.

Bing Maps ON, PG ON.