Transponder Ident mapping

Would like to be able to map transponder ident to a controller button.

The SET HEADING BUG key binding is suppose to bug the current heading. Due to a bug with the bug it only sets it to 360°. Suggest an official report via ZenDesk so the developers can see it.

I am not aware of a key binding specifically for the transponder ident. (have to resort to the mouse) Is this used in VATSIM?

Yes it is. However vpilot has an ident button that can be used.

Hi there,
I modified this topic to be just about the ident mapping, as the rules of Wishlist only allow one request per topic (this was not the case at the time you wrote this, so no worries):

I’ve also given this topic a vote because I’m surprised that there isn’t a mapping already for this!