Transponder is setting automatically after update 5

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yes. YourControls
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Transponder is setting automatically. I set transponder to 1200 (EUA) or 2000 (Brazil) and as I take off it sets another value again. I change it back to 1200 or 2000 and again it changes to another random number. It started happening after update 5. Is there any configuration for that that I don’t know of is it a bug?
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Set transponder to 1200, take off and check if it will still be that after a while.
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3060ti + i7 10700f + 16gb ram ddr4 2666mhz
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After update 5 of yesterday (27/07/2021)
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Microsoft Store
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No. I don’t know how to create reports on zendesk.

It keeps happening every flight, even if I turn off atc communication aid.

I’m also seeing this error in combination with the COM frequency automatically changing despite all the assists being off.

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