Trapped in Drone Cam - help please!

When in vr I use the camera menu to choose the drone camera. I can fly around using the ps4 controller but then I cannot get back to the cockpit. I have to alt tab into 2d. Pull up the camera menu again and choose cockpit.

I cannot find what command to bind that takes me from cockpit to drone and back. Nor can I pull up the menu bar from the tab key while in drone mode.

I currently have a joystick button mapped for cockpit / external cam working great. But the closest I can get when returning from the drone cam is to the very top of the tail of the aircraft and that is when I bind the ‘toggle drone camera’ to a key.

Why doesn’t toggling the drone back to my previous camera position (aka the cockpit) work?

I hope that’s clear. I just want one key bound to cockpit/external/drone. Like how the S key would funtion is fsx. It cycled between a few different views.


I feel your pain, and have also some solitude moment when i’m lost in those camera control. I have one button to recenter the view (default external or cockpit view), on for the switch eternal/cockpit, and one for the drone. When I hit the one for the drone I often struggle hard using those 3 buttons but can always find my route to the default cockpit view after a while. In summary : not really useful as I didn’t catch the logic behind this. Just trying several combination and it finally work. Good luck!

Exactly. I kind of figured it out last night. But if you hit one of the view change options in the wrong order it’s easy to get ‘locked out’.

It seems choose one of the aircraft based showcase camera instead of the drone camera. Whilst on the tarmac at lax last night I tried to figure out a consistent way of doing it but couldn’t. Then tried to use the flypad in vr, near impossible. Then the frame rate at lax last night was atrocious regardless of settings. Some days it’s just unplayable. I was very frustrated after 90 mins of screwing around. I just played pavlov to unwind…

I hit Num 5 and it takes me right back to my play. Then I hit INS again

Thanks. I’ll try it this evening. I assume I can bind whatever funtion INS is performing can also be bound to a joystick key. That’s for the tip I will try it tonight!

If got this figured out now thanks. Another thready helped me resolve the jittery cockpit. (Pov twitching tho my head is still) by running fs windowed and moving almost all of it off the screen. Because my monitor is infront of my headset it appears that movement is what was causing my twitching.

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you have to bring back by flying the drone in the cockpit to find the menu bar and return to the cockpit view by the camera menu

Actually you don’t have to get into the cockpit, just inside the aircraft. I’ve been able to use the showcase views and cycle to one of them which is inside the aircraft (a back seat) and the menu to get back to cockpit view is visible.

I have since learned an even easier way to get back into the cockpit. The showcase view toggle method is not reliable because some aircraft are not big enough to have a showcase view inside the aircraft.

There are two toggles: Cockpit/External View Mode: [END key on keyboard]; and Toggle Drone : [INSERT key on keyboard.] Once in the Drone mode, the Cockpit/External view does not get you back into the cockpit, it just toggles between the drone and external view. The INSERT key gets you out of drone view so you can get back into the cockpit by the Cockpit/External view toggle.

So, there are three views (Cockpit / External / Drone) to cycle through, and a single button only toggles between two of them. This is the problem. The solution is between two keys: END and INSERT.


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