Travel with Triton Series

Get in your favorite prop plane for a trip into the French Pyrenees Mountians. This Flight will take us to several airfields, some might be a little harder than others but it should be a nice relaxing and scenic flight.

Server USA East
All Players
Time and weather at your discrection

Flight plan can be downloaded here
I will be streaming live here Twitch
I will have a discord channel open here Triton's World
for anyone wanting voice chat. (I am in VR so i will not be able to see Discord chat but I can hear and talk there.)
XBOX players here is a list of the airfields LFVQ, LFJN, LFMB, LFIP, LFCB, LFSQ, LFCG, LFWG Martres-Tolosane Airport - Full-stop landing on runway 36

I hope to see you there