Tree/vegetation distribution pattern looks uniformly

As far as i know this never was a issue before SU5 but now, especially noticable in densely forested areas, trees form this unifomly pattern (it might be dependent on the angle you’re looking at the vegetation for the pattern to be more or less noticable:

		MaxAnisotropy 16
		Quality 0
		SuperSampling 3
		LoDFactor 5.000000
		LoDFactor 4.000000

Similar patterns can be seen in the water

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?
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Do you see that effect if you reset your LOD values to 2?

yes! (edited)

I can’t say I’ve ever seen that. Is that the only place you’ve seen it? For someone else to check we would need to know exactly where that was, ideally with some visual references so we could know for sure we were looking in the right direction. Ideally Lat/Long co-ordinates.

along this route
VFR Parnu (EEPU) to Vantaa (EFHK).pln (9.1 KB)

other than that, is pretty much doesn’t matter, you just need a densely wooded area.
again and again, my guess is that due to “performance optimisation” pattern size was reduced (like the water pattern aswell) to make it run on the consols/mid-range pc.
Also when moving the view and with the occlusion culling, this is even more noticable until everything is loaded in.

I’ll try it later today. I’m WFH so can’t fly, but I can try the drone camera. I use stock Ultra @ 1080p, with the default LOD=2.

really no one else?

I tried a variety of different locations, times, and angles. I cannot replicate.

Aha! I think it might be LOD based, and I can see it if I am sufficiently high enough, and I have zoomed in.

Now I’ll move forwards, keeping focus on that area just to the left of the FPS readout.

Just above the yellow line is the LOD transition, and the lines come in above that line, and recede as you move forwards.

Test was done at LOD 5. When reset zoom back to normal it isn’t anywhere near as noticeable, but at LOD 2, the maximum the GUI allows, my assumption would be this artefact would appear much closer to the camera.

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