Trees as far as you can see :-)

It’s all about give and take…

Let’s face it, we all don’t have systems that are going to run ULTRA like I thought I was going to do getting into this. And behind the scenes at Asobo/MS, I believe they are doing the best they can. I know they want to help is all…heck!, it’s there sim.
So I happened to spot a post on performance and the author’s approach to finding what matters and what doesn’t. This was written back on 8/2020 and it helped me set some priorities of what I really want to see in the sim. Somethings I gave up to better others. Believe me, I’m not all the way tweaked in, but I’m liking what I see more than I did. Right now in HIGH, I can slide the slider up to 150, where I could not even get past 80 before. My system was going to set the limits of everything I can do at once…or not! And I learned quickly what was going to slow me down. For me…need trees, except for the little patch that was following me? Yes I did. And I got them using this link.
I’m only running RTX2060…and much happier. I remember the little patch of trees around me.
Hope this helps. Cheers!


fantastic! that is the solution? how did you solve

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What cpu?Both the ram also impacts the LOD

Intel(R)Core™ i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz x8(it’s showing it 8 times in device settings) sorry this new to me.

Ram 16.0 GB