Tried vorpx again after 2 years, for me VR is amazing this is how it should be

Hi All,

I’m a huge fan of VR and even before VR was actually supported in fs2020 I tried to make FS2020 run in VR using vorpX. After 2 years and a major hardware upgrade I’m still not happy with the native VR performance and visuals, and even after the latest extra optional update 10 I got lot’s of CTD’s in VR. Running in VR made my CPU boil and I guess that’s what caused the CTD’s. Running FS2020 in PC-mode was fine and stable, so I decided to try FS2020 and vorpx again and see if there are any improvements on that side, guess what? It not ony looks better the performance is incredible. I have a strong PC so running almost all settings in ultra in PC-mode (not VR) is not a problem. What I did not expect, vorpX runs in the same PC-mode and thus uses the ultra settings, but it doesn’t seem to have much payload emulating VR. VR emulation works fine and everything shows in ultra and DLSS! GPU and CPU are running below 70deg, no more CTD’s. The visual is stunning the performance smooth, the only thing that doesn’t work is cockpit intteraction with the VR controllers, but the native VR controller support doesn’t work wel either, so I use a mouse instead.

Maybe i’m in luck with my config and this only works on my computer, but I’m confident it may work for others as well, so here’s what I did. Let’s hope it works for you too.

What I use:
GPU: rtx 3080ti
CPU: i7 12700K @ 5000mhz
MEM: 64gb @ 3600mhz
VR: Quest 2
Controller: hotas warthog, TM rudder pedals

virtual desktop
vorpx: 21.3.2
fs2020 latest beta update (supporting DLSS)
nvidia: 516.59
Steam VR: 1.22.13

Install all software:
Next make a custom resolution. You need to run the FS2020 in a specific resolution so the VR emulation fits nicely in your headset. I tried a lot of resolutions and for the quest 2 this is for me the best resolution: 2880 X 2160.
If you have another headset you may have to experiment with other resolutions.
Maybe you already have this resolution, and you can skip this, I have a 1080x1920 monitor so I need to create it.
Open nvidia control panel
-3d settings: make sure DSR-settings are set to off
-Display-change resolution-customize
check: Enable resolutions not exposed by the display
click create custom resolution:
create a new entry hor: 2880 vert: 2160 freq:60
test resolution:
your monitor may go black if it stays black it won’t add the resolution and you may have to reboot your PC to get your screen back (happened to me a few times when trying to set vert beyond 2160 pixels.) So far I didn’t blew up my monitor, but If you push your monitor to its limits, do this at your own risk.

As this resolution is created you will see it alongside the other resolutions in fs2020. It’s important that you switch your display to this resolution, otherwise the mouse-position won’t be correct. Location may be wrong or the mouse cannot go everywhere in the cockpit.

Open your windows display settings and switch the monitor to the resolution 2880 X 2160
Your desktop may not look that sharp but that’s not important as you will use your headset and the Quest 2 has no problem with this resolution.

Next launch MSFS2020:
Display options: PC-mode
Full screen
res: 2880x2160
AA: nvidia DLSS
nvidia DLSS: Quality
AMD fidelity: 200
vsync: ON
frame lilit 100%
DX: 11 → VERY IMPORTANT vorpx doens’t work with DX12!!!
Next set everything on ultra or highest setting exept:
terrain level of detail: 200 (higher is possible)
objects level of detail: 100 (higher is possible)
text supersampling: 6x6
terrain shadows: 1024
lens correction off
glass cockpit refresh low

make sure you program keys to adjust your position when in the cockpit
save and exit FS2020

open in this sequence:
On Quest:run Virtual desktop
On Quest VR:In virtual desktop open steam
On Monitor: Change your monitor resolution to 2880 x 2160
On Monitor desktop:Open VorpX desktop viewer

in the vorpx desktop make sure you have these settings (rclick vorpx in system tray icons-configure)
try to block game overlays
use alternative hooking

Open FS2020 (notice the hooking/attaching message)
Mind the firewall popup for beta test (check vr & monitor)
The loading screen will be fixed that’s normal, mark that even the loading screen shows depth.

3 important keys:
alt space:recenter trackir
delete: display vorpx settings in headset
mouse wheel: toggle vr & immersive screen

Put on the headset
hit delete and change some parameters
Main setting:
play style: full vr
hit more full vr and more 3d settings-> now you see all options
enter these values: aspect ratio correction: pixel 1:1
image zoom:0.80
background: ambiance
edgepeek: ambiance
ambiance brightness:1.10
3 reconstrucion: z-adaptive
3d strength: 2.89
depth of field: on

menu image settings:
clarity: full
sharpen: 2.00

menu head tracking :

I think other options are default

When finished apply and save the vorbx-settings (ok&save)

If all is ok you should see the FS2020 home screen but some parts are out of view
this is ok and a limitation of full VR in vorpx but I can live with it. In the cockpit emulted trackir will be active.
For now yYou can switch to monitor view (edge peek) by clicking the mouse wheel.

Create your flight
Start your flight when in the cockpit switch to full VR (click mouse wheel)
Reset your trackir with alt + space
setup your proper position and zoom out as mucht as possible

enjoy the flight

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I bet vorpx runs in mono-mode even if it says it runs in full VR. That’s why it does not cost much in terms of FPS.

The last time I checked (long ago, yes), vorpx was not able to do its stereoscopic magic with MSFS no matter what.

But as long as you are happy with the solution: enjoy :+1:

If you still have it, you should check it again. The FS-world does have depth, and for what I see it looks quite allright. I just flew over NY everything maxed to ultra, no problem. All buildings, bridges lakes have depth and show in 3d not 2d. Maybe the cockpit shows a bit larger than MSFS VR does, but it at least now I can read the dials and knobs without having to fiddle with supersampling :slight_smile: But the colors, the sun reflections on the plane, wings. I have never seen this quality in MSFS VR, Also a plus is that it simulates trackIR. Until MSFS 2020 comes with a better VR solution, I stick with this one for sure.

this means it’s not true 3D (if this setting was “Geometry” then it would be), but i’m still made curious enough by your findings to try this myself, thanks.

Edit: tried it but it CTD just before i reach the msfs menus.

Overclocked the pc too much? Try without overclocking too much first. My computer runs between 4,7 and 5 ghz. Video card is not overclocked.
Are you having similar specs compared to mine?

my cpu is i7 7700k @ 4.5ghz, 32gb 3600mhz ram, gpu is 3080ti no oc. msfs loads ok on its own but with vorpx it crashes just before the menus appear. using a quest 2. i was using the vorpx default profile for msfs (flightsimulator.exe).

Sorry to hear that. Do you see the attach ing popup when launching fs2020. Also if you use update 10 beta make sure you don t miss the firewall message (my AV shows a notification to allow traffic to ms probably for debug). I also use the default profile for msfs. Check if you have all latest Version of all software. Perhaps try with oculus link instead of virtual desktop. That also works but for some reason the trackir response is too sensitive, making the plane shake all the time, and I dont like turbulence :slight_smile:

yeh i got the attach popup, vorpx kicks in ok.
im using latest versions.
i was using Link cable.

not sure what the problem is, i haven’t tested out other games with vorpx yet since i changed headsets (aero to quest 2) so will do that (yes i have changed headsets in vorpx config).

There is no and there can’t be real 3D using Vorpx, hence the performance gain you get, and that’s pretty interesting you don’t see it. If the absence of stereoscopic does not bother you then i guess nice for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Though the OP may be right about the 3D effect with low impact on FPS if the Z3D really works.

Not the best stereoscopic VR solution but indeed very much FPS friendly

Its the immersion that counts :slight_smile: maybe its the full screen and the fact your head movements react the same way on the scenery as in real vr? If you fly over NY you can see the buildings below and they are not flat as in a 2d movie so the vorpx engine must do something with the scenery. Looking at the cockpit, the 3d effect is less than Real vr but it s much better than looking on a 2d monitor or suffering ctd s and stuttering all the time when using native vr. If Asobo could make the scenery look like vorpx and enhance 3d in the cockpit like they do in vr that would be perfect.

Would this work with Non-Steam MSFS?

9900K AMD 8600X

It doesn’t work like that, the only thing that is costly in VR is to do stereoscopic rendering, ie rendering two different images at high resolution. It is easy to render only the same image twice, which gains a lot of performance, but this is not VR anymore, just a head tracking and high FOV, which is already something.
You can perceive somewhat a depth with vorpx as it is trying to extrapolate some depth using the only data it can retrieve from the game, but it is not accurate. Also I wonder how does your UI work with VorpX in MSFS?
Where does your ctd comes from? It is better to play with DirectX 11 because the game is not yet fully stable in DirectX 12 as far as i can tell.
I’m pretty sure Asobo won’t make a half-VR experience and rather improve real VR.

Ui is indeed tricky. But you can use edgepeek with a mouse click and switch to a virtual desktop without the head tracking a d do your thing in the ui. But you dont need the ui during a flight so i dont care this switching workaround. It is what you say its the head tracking and somewhat created depth that give a 3d impression. It May not be the full vr experience you get from real vr but you can run fs with everything maxed out, clouds scenery texture all max quality… all these extra’s you get and smooth game play makes me play this way instead of the real vr. Ctd s yes i have them with dx11 and 12, I believe because i do expect too much from my pc in vr, I have to overclock to get decent game play and visual quality.
The cpu goes to 100.degrees sometimes i guess thats what causing it to crash. With vorpx it doesnt go hotter than 65 degrees with everything on ultra.

Yes, you only need steam to run vorpx software with quest 2 i am also using ms store flightsim. Or you can use quest link that also works.

and would this work with a HP Reverb G2?

Yep, have the samme issue. Just before the menu appear the game crashes, no matter what I do.

For the ones having ctd issues, maybe check if dx12 beta isn t active. It does not work with dx12 beta, I did not have a. Ctd but the vorpx hooking did not work. Also check if computer isn t overclocked
Too much. I cannot believe this only works on my pc.

No system should be hitting 100C in MSFS unless there was something up with ambient temps or a case issue. I was hitting 90 (throttle limit) but got it down 30~40 C through a few case tweaks.

CTD’s are expected with DX12.

If your CPU hits 100c you’ve got problems unassociated with MSFS, sort those out and maybe you’ll be able to run VR as it’s meant to be run, and not via Vorpx which should be considered obsolete in Sims/Games that have native VR support as standard.