Trim and HUD

I’m finding trim the biggest challenge in VR. Since most of us don’t have a force feedback feel there is also no visual to the trim setting unless integrating with the mouse. That’s fine, but I only have one right hand and it needs to be on the elevators.

Is there a way to get a similar hud type view we get in 2D. A general HUD with basic flight data would be great.

Otherwise considering to use auto trim as trimming in the sim is unrealistically numb.

Depends on what your flying…

The pipers have the trim wheel between the seats.

I love flying in VR, I have the trim mapped on my saitek yoke, so I can adjust with my left thumb while holding the wheel while my right hand is on my throttle.

I do agree with you that not having that haptic feedback is lacking in VR especially in turns, its hard to remain coordinated when not looking at the slip/skid gauge when you cannot “feel” what the aircraft is doing….


I have a nice mapping I could do to my thrustmeter. It had a default mapping but for some reason it was causing crazy trim inputs just adjusting the throttle, so I had to unbind it.

Is there any kind of menu we can use for HUD on certain parameters? I’m new to MSFS 2020 and just a couple days in on the VR.

I’d love it if I could see trim percent, throttle, mixture, etc. just for a quick glance.

On my HOTAS joystick, I have two (elongated) buttons conveniently where I have my hand on the stick for flying that I can reach with my thumb (elev trim up) and lower index finger (elev trim down). E.G., If I have to hold back pressure, I hit the thumb button with a click or two until I can release the pressure, etc.

It’s basically what I’m doing now. It does work, I just wish there was a way to see the setting.

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