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I originally posted this query under another topic, but I see it as such a huge issue that I’m creating a new topic for it…because I genuinely cannot believe this is the current state of MSFS… I must be doing something wrong.

My Trim doesn’t work as I’d expect (C152, DA40 for example), whether using default keyboard, or bound to hotas buttons. (PC version, no add-ons, latest build)

When I press and hold trim up/down, I see an initial microscopic movement on the trim wheel, then a delay of about half a second, and then a continuous movement. I’d expect an immediate continuous movement of the trim (and trim wheel) when the button is pressed and held. (This happens using default keyboard controls - so not hotas related).

Currently, it’s exactly the same input as you’d see when typing on a keyboard - if you hold down the F key you get F then a small delay then FFFFFFF… And my trim in MSFS behaves the same. The trim wheel should move continuously as soon as you press and hold the input, and stop when input is released.

(I’m a CPL, with 30 years flying and 30 years of flight sims - so I understand what should be happening with Trim).

I see other forums where there seems to be a general acceptance of poor trim control in MSFS (though I cannot see comments on my issue specifically). But if I’m not alone in the control issue above, then I just can’t understand how the community would accept this. It would be like having a driving game where you can’t turn left…developers have been making the graphics pretty for a few years and they’ll get back to the ‘purists’ requested feature of wanting the car to turn in both directions. It’s totally nuts.

Trim is an absolute integral part of the basics of flying - stick, rudder, throttle, trim; If one of these doesn’t work in the sim, then the sim doesn’t work.

Please someone tell my I’m doing something wrong, and there’s a solution to this issue?


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Agreed. AI Auto Trim needs fixing ASAP - none of the assistance options work!

It’s been this way in the past several iterations of the sim and it’s likely part of the port-over of several old features. IIRC, in FSX and even P3D, when assigning a button press to controls you could select whether it was repeatable if you held the button down, and there were three selections - non, repeatable, mid, and fully. I think fully was what you desire - instantly and infinitely repeatable.

But the old mid setting did what is doing now, which is you hold the button down, it gives you a single press, a short delay, then fully repeating. Almost like an “are you sure?” And there is no repeatability slider in the control setup like in the old iterations.

I may be remembering the finer details wrong, but I agree - I’d like to see that be an option. Now, the speed at which the electric trim works is another story as I’m not sure how that’s modeled between each aircraft. Right now it’s most likely “increase trim by one unit” per button press (including repeats) versus “activate up trim motor.” I just treat it like a quirky, different aircraft, as I often do when there is a discrepancy between real life and the sim.

Wow - so it’s not just me!?

I cannot believe that any flight sim post 1995 would have these types of control inputs.

Thanks, I’ll log it back in the bug section.

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I think you can use to overcome this (if you’re on PC).

However, I don’t think it‘ll be classifiable as a bug. I ran into that when I started doing wishlist stuff as well.

If you go on Etsy and search “usb trim wheel” you’ll find several hardware solutions. Since I got one my trimming has been so much smoother and easier.

This really shouldn’t be necessary.
Most of these aircraft irl have a trim button on the yoke - a two way hat switch - and that’s what MSFS should be modeling. And it should work the same as the aircraft.


They should model the trim clutch switch while we’re at it.