Trim control

Trim slider on thrustmaster control keeps reassigning itself to the rudder axis.
Anyone else have this problem?

Did you clear the rudder axis assignment before assigning the trim?

I did. But the slider will only show a rudder assignment. If I uninstall driver and reload it corrects for a short while. Then reverts.

Have you tried using your TM setup without any driver?

I’ve never used any driver with my T16000M.

Did you change the slider command in your Thrustmaster software, or in the simulator settings?

SInce the rudder control is an axis and trim control is a button function I suspect it might continue to revert.

Nahh. Works fine for my TM16000. I also don’t use any TM drivers.

Actually it turns out that if I go to “device properties’ in the control panel, it too has merged with rudder axis. So it’s not the simulators problem.
It’s kind of you to reply so quick.
Can I ask you another problem?
If I ‘pause’ mid flight, the air speed dies away to nothing, everything else preserved.
So when I turn pause off I have to ride a bucking bronchi to get back on an even keel, let alone AP

That’s the infamous active pause. Suggest to use the real pause feature.