Triple screen question. 3x1080p possible on three 4k tv's

Hi guys,

After flying xplane and msfs in vr I am looking for a triple screen setup to use when I don’t want to isolate myself and just relax at my desk. I will keep my rift s for the immersion factor.

I’m looking for triple tv setup.

43 inch 1080p tv’s are about as expensive as 43 inch 4k tv’s.

Obviously I cannot run 3 x 4k screens smoothly (24 million pixels…) on my computer although I have a 2080s and high end cpu etc.

I can very smoothly run 3 x 1080p screens however. Can I run the 4k screens at 1920 x 1080 without any problems? I Know I will loose resolution. I just want to know if it technically possible without any strange artifacts or problems. I mean, I’d rather have three 4k screens than three 1080p screens for the same price. I may be able to run 3 x 4k in a couple of years, who knows.

Does the upscaling from 1080p to 4k cause any problems with relatively cheap 4k tv’s? I have a very expensive 3440 x1440 monitor and running it on 2560 x 1080 looks horrible to be honest. I understand that this doesn’t have the 4:1 pixels ratio that upscaling from full hd to 4k does …

I am 45 years old and have reading glasses so I don’t see every finest detail to be honest …

Thanks for any thoughts!


There is no problem running 1080p on a 4k screen because it’s exactly half/quarter the size. So each 1080p pixel is a 2x2 block in 4k. That’s why it’s sharp. If you run 2k the pixels cannot be divided evenly so it becomes blurry.

What you’ll have with FS 2020 vs. XP (using multiple monitors) is stretched/distorted edges. In XP, this can be corrected. In FS 2020, it can not…at least not yet. Word is the fix should be later this year or maybe next.

Thanks a lot.

I know xplane does a better job, that’s why I fly both msfs and xp11.

I read a lot about upscale quality differences between 4k tv’s. But, aren’t all 2021 tv’s capable of upscaling decently. I mean, there is a lot of 1080p content in the world and if all of it looked blurry I guess they wouldn’t sell a lot of tv’s.

What about input lag? My 10 year old tv’s input lag is sufficient for flightsimming but probably not for fast paced action games. Are the current cheap 4k televisions capable of giving me good quality glightsim experience?

Thanks for your thoughts