Triple Spool Jet support

I know previous Microsoft sims did not support triple spool functionality, and it appears to still be the case in MSFS. Would it be possible to support such a thing? I know not even X-Plane currently supports triple spool engines, but it would be a very nice function to have.

Hm that makes me curious… what is a triple spool engine?

Most turbofans run on a 2 spool layout, where they have a low pressure fan(the first stage you can see from the outside, which forces all the air), followed by a high pressure compressor stage. With a 3 spool layout that some engines have, there is an intermediate pressure compressor stage before the high pressure compressor stage. This allows for a greater range of RPMs without the possibility of a compressor stall. It may be a relatively uncommon layout, but some very commonly used engines are designed this way, like the Rolls Royce RB211 and Rolls Royce Trent engines, which have multiple applications in popular aircraft, among other engines like the Progress D-18T featured on the AN-124 and AN-225.