Tropical water not like in the "Around The World Tour" Trailers

As far as I know it has been communicated that better looking shore lines and water masks will be implemented later.
Those trailers were shot intentionally with special/no water masks for the marketing.

That being said, as a consumer you should not accept misleading marketing. There are laws for that. Federal law states the advertising must be truthful and not misleading. As an example you are not allowed to show a product and claim it is the same as you will get, and then deliver another - unless specified (thats usually where you have the tiny text and watermarks saying "bla bla might deviate from the final release…)

Personally, I dont really care too much - as I think the sim looks great either way. But It sure was a disappoinment flying over tropical shorelines after seing them in the trailers. For a game that relies heavily on the graphics, it was definately a ‘interesting’ move.


Thats misleading and unfortunate. Thanks for the information. Let’s hope for the best and make this great sim even better

I completely agree, the sim is great and a lot of good work has gone into it. But like you, I was disappointed when I realized they didn’t look like they did in the trailer. But I’m willing to wait for a good product if they are working on it.


The waves don’t roll onto the shore either, though they did when the sim was first released.

Sacrificed for consoles perhaps? Or just cut for general performance improvement?

Either way it’s gone…and honestly I don’t think it will return.



I think the trailers were made with combination of very good hardware and highly modelled locations. Like any advert, there will always be gap between the advertised and real experience.

My last sim experience was FS2002, those graphics are nothing compared to FS2020. I am satisfied with the eye candies in FS2020, may be its just me who is easily satisfied.

Instead of removing elements to improve general performance, I hope dev team consider adding more bands in the settings on both extremes (e.g. bare minimum/one level down from low end and super ultra/one level above ultra) to give options for those with superb hardware and know how to tune their system.

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It’s false advertising plain and simple.

They start all the videos with “captured in real time 4k” which is implying that it is a real time capture from the actual sim.

But it’s not, it’s the special marketing version.

They can mumble whatever excuses they want but it’s still false advertising.


This is pretty cut and dry false advertising I think. To use an example… if you’re selling cereal you must use the actual cereal in your advertising. You can fill the bowl around it with all the glue, or whatever liquid you want, instead of milk, since milk isn’t the product being advertised. Unfortunately, the world renderings are the product being advertised in this case, and it’d be a streeeetch to claim anything otherwise. The laws may be different in Europe and other coutnries, but in the US, this is a no-no. They really shouldn’t be doing this or they really should fix it. But then this sim was a bait and switch from day 1 so I can’t say I’m too surprised.


BTW, anyone notice how the image in those trailers has a lot more contrast and looks less hazy?
Even with Aerosol Density to Zero I always end up with a very washed out and hazy look.

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Why are water masks used at all if they can render photo real water lagoons, sea, ocean and coastlines? Nog only because its beautiful, but also for aimulation realism. With current water bodies its impossible to estimate your altitude other than looking at the altimeter.

Furthermore, 3rd-party developers create fantastic sceneries for islands such as St. Maarten. However, they usually don’t work on water masks. So why would it buy this scenery? It looks nothing like the real thing.


I only say DX12 maybe and the Caribbean update should come as far as I know!

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Once in the days of Bill Gates Microsoft did advertise honestly. If it showed a picture that picture was genuine. It may have been taken on an ultra high end machine but it did not show something that was not in the software.
This is misleading and dishonest. I hope they stop doing this.

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FYI: In the UK, the Advertising Standards Authority regulates these sorts of matters:

Don’t mislead consumers materially

Rule 3.1 states “Marketing communications must not materially mislead or be likely to do so”. When considering whether business to consumer advertising is misleading, the ASA will take factors identified in the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPRs) into account, including how the average consumer will interpret the ad and whether it is likely to cause consumers to take a transactional decision that they otherwise wouldn’t have taken.

Marketing communications will be assessed on the overall impression they are likely to give consumers, as well as specific claims and images, so marketers should be mindful of the need to consider the likely interpretation of an ad as a whole, rather than individual elements alone.

An ad for a meal delivery service was upheld by the ASA because the image of the meals in the ad were not an accurate reflection of the meals which customers received (Parsley Box Ltd, 13 November 2019).


Ask them in next Q&A what happened to the waves.


Only in the simming community, something like this is possible. Remember all those discussions about graphics downgrade in other games? The community went nuts and devs needed to explain themselves. Not in simming, there people still accept false advertising, graphic downgrading and incomplete and beta releases. I wonder, why?


In the Q&A they said they’re using a dev build for the trailers, not available to the public.

Yes i totaly agree… I read this post, check it out. It contain location where the mask are aplied:

And here is the answer of the problem:

But that answer doesn’t reflect the reality of the situation, because some of those watermasks were shown back in August and are still not in the sim now, in January, 5 months later. That’s a little more than “a few weeks or a month”. I wonder what the reasoning for making such false statements is that are easily disproved? I just don’t get it.

Not only is it still not in the game, but the few that did exist in the game have all been removed since the USA update. I don’t know if anyone noticed but all the locations I would fly around that had water masks like the the Bahamas and others are all gone. Sad really

I have installed the nvidea drivers from zero (remove all files using a program called DDU) i dont really know 100% if this was the reason, but now i see a nice tropical water in some zones of Bahamas and Dominican Republic, too nice , with differents blue colors mask (fly in clearly days )

@happygolucky32 thats crazy I was there recently and the ones I remember are completely gone. These are places I would fly around Bahamas that have been removed, atleast in my sim:

I have tried your suggestions but they are still not there. Do you have coordinates to the areas of your screenshot by any chance?