Trouble starting the Jabiru and the Trinidad since SU6

I can’t seem to get the Jabiru or the Trinidad to start from cold and dark since SU6 was installed. I didn’t have trouble before - they are very easy planes to start.

Anyone else having trouble with these or other planes?

I have seen this problem in a lot of airplanes. The ignition/starter simply does not work or works only for one engine. Even the stock C208 and A320 randomly fail to start sometimes. I haven´t tested all planes yet but there´s an issue here for sure.


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Yes I’m having the same issue.

Has anyone had any luck getting the Jabiru to start since SU6? I have tried following the checklist to a T, but won’t start. However, it will start with ctrl-e.

As for the Trinidad, I just had to hold the starter on for a lot longer than I used to. Maybe that is more to reality.

IRIS Simulations have announced today a v1.5 of the Jabiru, which is already available at the IRIS storefront. ORBX and MS Store will be submitted this week (source: FB)

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