Trouble with t-; rudder setup

Il use t-rudder
When i Try to perform setup the neutral point is on mid position on the diagram
If i push pedals to right or left and release the point return to central
But if i use it on the ground to taxi plane is impossible to drive and as i look outside the plane the rudder stay left or right but do not return to neutral
Actual setup is
Sensitivity +or- 75%
Dead zone 0%
Reactivity 50%

Check if you are set to legacy mode, if so then change it (I can’t remeber the other settings name)

Did you try setting the reactivity to default values?

It’s the same also during flight

I’m on modern flight model in french

Does this happen with all all aircraft or just the one you are currently attempting to fly?

If you have any aircraft related mods in your community folder? If so, remove those and give it a try.

it’s the same with all planes, and communauty folder is empty

i try to unistall driver, and re install, recalibrate in windows and in msfs, but it remain the same

Did you try the reactivity setting I mentioned above?

Witch are the default value, how to reset?

Here is my set up.
My rudder is axis R-Z on the right.
In your case though, I would just set the rudder reactivity to 100% and put a deadzone in of about 5-10%
If you did need to set all the values back to default, you would use the reset button at the bottom.

I apply modifications as you explain but the trouble remain : as i lift my foot, in outside view rudder stay in position and do not come back on neutral

Here is a link to a post that may help.
Check to make sure your rudders are set to the ssame commands.

Let us know if this helps!

i use same onfig, it don not help
rudder react normaly but do not come back in neutral position

Do you have any assists turned on?

Each assit is tuned between easy and skilled (not certain translation 'cause my sim is in french)
But i’s same with another selection;
the yoke is’nt linked to rudder and there is no conflict of adresse

Set the indicated sections to this position, and then try the sim.

Does that help?

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yes a bit, when i push pedalto one side rudder move as usual, when i leave my foot, rudder come back in neutral position, but very slowly
here are my sensibility set up, i try many different set up but nothing change.

i’s easyer to taxi but a bit slow in réaction

Try different values of the reactivity setting, see if that helps!