Trying To Install Mods?

I followed the instructions to drop the unzipped folder into the Community folder. When I went into Microsoft.FlightDashboard I found that “Packages” and “Community” Folders were not there…? I made the folders myself and dropped the airport into it but don’t see it listed under airports when I search? Any help? Seems the default area isn’t in Watched Bases?


mods should be placed into:


Update 01.03 - added full path

Edit info: Yes, the manually installed add-ons should go into community folder within the packages folder as mentioned by @MagpulOperator.

I had originally shared the top level path (without the full path to community) because I found two add-ons to date that installed themselves above the community packages folder because this is also used as a storage folder by these add-ons as its installation path but don’t let this confuse you - just install into community but I wanted to share that add-ons also install themselves elsewhere and might still work if folders are referenced)

It is my understanding that the Steam version Microsoft.FlightSimulator is called Microsoft.FlightDashboard. I have nothing called Microsoft.FlightSimulator under localapp\packages.

It still doesn’t show in game.

I did find something similar through Steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Packages it has some FS-Base-Onboarding type files in it? Should I put it there instead?

Hi @MagpulOperator,
See if this post helps. This is for both MS Store and Steam versions.

All mods go into “Community”. This folder should have been created automatically by MSFS.

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Thanks the community folder was in the Root of where I installed it… Strange. Thanks for help!