Turbulence in Cloud?

Is anyone else actually getting turbulence in cloud? Flying with the weather set to “storm” and the air is completely smooth.


This has been a concern for me also. I must say generally, the air is not static. The plane moves around and I have experienced various degrees of turbulence. The clouds can look very threatening but should you dip you toe into them - NOTHING. Would like to see this change in the future.


It’s strange given that Asobo said that the cloud are related to airflow in the sim. Hope this gets fixed fairly soon as it breaks the realism.


During the discovery series, the one mentioning how air is modelled, stated how winds are affected by clouds. Not really seen it so far in the simulator.


Same for me. However flying with a friend earlier with weather set to storm and I said it’s completely smooth, however he said he was getting bumped around all over the place. Seems a strange one

because the main problem is that a lot of “flight experts” who probably never flew with an airplane (I’m not talking about flying by themselves) are meeting to testify and send “bug” reports or judgement, I don’t mean you Gent’s here.
I know in the Alpha there were e.g. the turbulence, yes very many and very strong - ok then you have the ladies who complained that the planes don’t fly as calm as in P3D or FSX :-). however, yes it was not right how it behaved, but there are too few for that now, it can’t be that there is a huge storm at the edge of the plane as if you would fly through a fluffy cumlus cloud.
Then the lighting - keyword - aerosol destinity - for some gents the midday sun and the sunsets/sunrise were too “strong” which apparently led to them leaving the aerosol destinity always at value 1, even with real weather (in my case), and now the lighting is very dull - similar to P3D in the beginning (I’m overdoing it a “little bit” :slight_smile: )… Take a look at these comparison videos (if you have no possibility to fly yourself).

and you will understand what I mean , if I take a look of my Alpha screenshots and Videos, it looks more real, more “hazy” a little brighter. I can´t post the screenshots because of NDA, but yes there is a difference between (or ist this a bug?) - yes, this is a camera, but with the eye it doesn’t look any different.
Please bring us the lighting and the (improved) turbulence from the Alpha again!
the same applies to “the wind is too loud at” 240 knots etc. etc.
BR !


Yes I agree this needs fixing. I’m not allowed to talk about the Alpha and Beta versions I don’t think? But yeah turbulence is too weak now. Flying through red and purple on the weather radar with little effect :rofl:

zero effects

When the atmosphere is unstable, you have turbulence everywhere, not just in the clouds. Updraft thernals where the cumulus clouds are, and downdraft between them, and lots of mixing everywhere because of that.

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I am the opposite. I did a flight from LOWI yesterday in very cloudy conditions and my King Air bounced around and rattled like crazy. I thought that ■■■■ thing was gonna stress out. I have all my settings to realistic, and no assistance.

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Try to move inside a storm cell, and tell me later, i tryed twice and zero effect, just some ice and a few very light chops

Yes of course. Summer days with large cumulus, the air feels very lumpy. Also we have all had that feeling in a jet where it feels rather smooth and as soon as you enter cloud the turbulence increases.

I’ve not really had turbulence in a cloud yet… but I have had a totally clear day and the plane just randomly shift in a direction and the speed increase by 300kias for no apparent reason =/

This can happen. Could be turbulence of terrain or updrafts etc.

Same experience here, and I have also found that while in Europe the wind moves and blows at real speeds in America most of the time it does not move from 2-3kts


Yep Hugothester that is a actual bug and at all places around America from south to north, maybe you can talk about it on your channel :wink:

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Nope. South america gets weather, turb and evertthing ok. Central and north america only 3knots winds with no turb

It’s another thing that got Ubisoft’d :slight_smile:

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What’s with this 3 knots anyway? I’m getting occasional weather freeze with 200 something degrees / 3 knots winds…

I have the same wind issue on South America