Turbulence in VR

Hi is there turbulence in VR as I never seem to experience it.

It depends on the turbulence setting under Assistance/Piloting. I was fooling around with it just yesterday. Flying over Canberra I experienced none with the scattered clouds preset and turbulence set to medium. Selecting live weather gave me some. Using the realistic turbulence setting with live weather though was too much, perhaps realistic for the Tiger Moth I was flying at the time, but a real vomit comet in VR. :nauseated_face:

ok thanks! I checked the setting it was set to LOW, I changed it to REALISTIC hopefully will see some turbulence in VR, I fly the Citation CJ4.

Turbulence, the only effect in the sim which makes you regret getting a motion rig.

I think the “problem” is in turbulence the plane get’s shaken, eg. move about, but in VR our camera is fixed/stuck/part of the plane so it doesn’t feel/look like your getting shaken in relation to the cockpit, it moves perfectly synced with it so you don’t “feel” or even notice any turbulence. At least that’s how it seems to me. In reality it should move you’re “head” back and forth and up and down etc.

But thinking about it they need to make this configurable as I’m sure many people would get sick rather easily. I’m not sure I personally could stand it, at least not if it was severe.

A2A Comanche has some special turbulence tuning option for VR.
IRL I hate the turbulence, there is nothing more pleasing than early morning summer smooth ride in a small GA plane. Turbulence also discourages your family members to fly with you, especially on sunny summer days.

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Oh really. I was meaning to check it out anyways, thanks for the info!

So true. A hot summer day with cumulus and flying over hot ground (citiies) is not passenger-friendly. :grinning:. I’ve bounced my head in the cockpit ceiling countless times (even in moderate sized twins like Piper Navajo).
Bring plenty of sickness bags :+1: