Turn off the cockpit tooltips


Does anyone know how to turn off those big fat tooltips when using the mouse in the cockpit?

Assistance - tool tips is set to off, as are pilot notifications etc.

Driving me nuts. Try pressing the cursor button on the Garmin panel when a big fat label prevents you from doing so.



Unfortunately the tool tips in the cockpit can’t be turned off at present.

Unfortunate indeed. What were they thinking…?


Too bad. I kept it on in P3D sometimes because it was smart and tiny. But this is an immersion killer for experienced pilots. It will be very helpful for beginners, but I don’t want to see it anymore. Hopefully we’ll get the option to turn this off asap.


um why? a bit annoying trying to use the gauge and have a massive tooltip bar open in front of you. It needs to be an option.


I agree with you. I wish I could remove them also.

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This is ridiculous. Why on earth did they make these stupid things mandatory?!

Another item is in the 748, FMC CLR button Capt side is not clickable due to the speedbrake arm covering the click spot, so have to use F/O side…!

Just move the spoiler lever out of the way and it works fine.

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Please allow us to remove the tool-tips please.

That has been on the wishlist since the first alpha version. It doesn’t seem like a difficult change, but I am not a flight sim developer. I feel confident that Asobo is at least aware of it. Maybe there is some reason why they don’t want to provide that option?

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Please give us the ability to remove these tooltips.

IMO, there is no reason for not making these tool tips optional.

Microsoft/Asobo are claiming this is the most advanced simulator…yet they cannot remove these obstructive tooltips…which have apparently been a pain since Alpha.

Oh, and to @mferriman above, with respect, it should not be necessary to move anything.

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pretty sure the spoiler lever was a joke

yeah it’s not exactly ideal when I can’t change my heading bug or input my Nav frequency because a big tool tip is not allowing me to see or change my frequency.

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Hopefully after the update we’ll have the option to disable the cockpit tool tips. They’re very annoying.

remove these tooltips! please

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Mouse over Tool Tips options to dis able do not work. Please give us a work around to dis able the tool tips !

It is most likely sort of a bug. If it wasn’t so tedious to report bugs (and get no replay, by the way) I would report it. Maybe someone can do that for us.

These tool tips are a pain in the â– â– â– â– !! This has to be the worst cockpit interaction of any sim. With these tooltips and the unbelievably terrible click and wheel spots, how can anyone enjoy their time in the cockpit!!
Please please guys, get this sorted sooner rather than later!!!

I hate those tooltips.

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