Turning off/Deleting waypoint markers following your head movement

I’ve searched for this topic and can’t find anything, which may mean either I’ve worded it poorly or nobody else is interested in this - so apologies if it has been discussed elsewhere.

As a new sim pilot I find the waypoint markers very useful whilst I learn to navigate effectively. I can ignore them easily enough and concentrate on my instruments or the landscape if VFR. However, I find it very frustrating to find the waypoint markers follow me around as I look in any other direction. They seem to be so close to my eyes and often get in the way of the instruments themselves.

I was wondering, no desperately hoping, that there may be an option or custom file that can keep the main waypoint marker in the ‘outside world’ but not have it follow your head movement around. Perhaps the long term solution is simply to get to the point of being proficient enough to turn of markers completely.

Am I alone with this? Is there anything that can be done?

….it’s probably clear from this that I’m no developer!


I don’t like that little bug in my view when I have the taxi assist turned on, it does get in the way when your trying to look around.

Without a better solution I’ve just turned waypoint markers off and only put them on quickly if needed before shutting them off again. Spoiling a view is a bit annoying but they really do get in the way of instruments and other important bits and bobs.

I’m not holding my breath for anything changing :slightly_smiling_face:

You are not alone.

Would hope there will be a Setting to just turn the Marker who follows you off.

In my case I press the middle button of the mouse (wheel), and the cursor and the waypoint disappear.