Turtle Beach Flightstick Trim wheel erratic functionality

I noticed erratic trim response when using the wheel the analog or the digital way. The FS is well calibrated. Using compressed air to remove potential dust particels does not help. Any hints are welcome.

Looks similar to what happens when my mouse wheel starts to malfunction. Sometimes a “down” is registered as an “up” and vice-versa.

I’m guessing this wheel is mechanical and uses a potentiometer? It might be getting dirty and thus noisy. Not sure if you can take it apart or not, but probably some isopropyl alcohol to clean any contacts might help. This would probably violate your warranty if it is still active, however.

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Thanks for your response. I appreciate it. Maybe that could help but I have some doubts because I already used compressed air without success.

From some of the noisy potentiometers I have seen, the issue is dirt/debris on the physical contacts that builds up over time due to the physical movement of the contacts over the gold plated pads. Compressed air is not sufficient to clean those. You need alcohol and a clean fiber-free wipe.

I’ve done this more than a few times on the basic Thrustmaster controllers :slight_smile:

I’m relatively confident this will fix your problem for now, but it’s a bit of a concern how quickly this happened on a new product.

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I will give it a try being back in my flat in one week.

My roller behaves exactly the same, I think the problem is software-related. The sensor is optical as in mouse rollers.

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A few weeks ago I got a same comment on discord and contacted turtle beach directly but without a reasonable response.

When i had this stick i had the same issue . I used a powerd usb hub and that fixed the issue for me, usualy you would use a powersd usb hub if you were having ghosting issues but i dont think this is ghosting .

Strangely , i have the new turtlebeach flight deck which is powered via a usb hub and i am getting erratic movements with the view free look snaaping too the left . This hasppens with or without hub , and is absolutely fine in DCS / IL2 so its not the stick that is the issue

Good advice, but I’m already using an active USB Hub. A question to you, would you buy the flightdeck a second time? I’m thinking of it since weeks.

That sounds a bit like a double key configuration with a keyboard control definition. Or if it’s a axis add a bit percentage of dead zone to it.

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Check you don’t have the trim wheel bound to the trim axis and also the digital trim up and down controls in MSFS. I did and it was causing me all sorts of issues.

Depending if the digital or the analog trim is selected the related one in MSFS are combined. No double bindings in the control options.

The erratic behavior can be seen in windows joy.cpl app too.

After using it for a couple of months now i would honestly buy it again.

It certainly could do with some profile support from turtle beach or the game developer. The haptic feedback for both throttle and stick is a nice touch and helps when flying the huey in dcs to help stay out of VRS .

The touch screen ia another nice thing to have , but i have hardly used it as i havent had the time to add all keybinds .

The only downside is the price . Its way overpriced but , im happy with it

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Thanks for your review. I’m using the FS together with the Elgato streamdeck XL and plus. Therefore the FD could be nice but … we will see.

I had the same problem with my Saitek Cyborg X FLY 5’s trim, although it was a different model.
I took it completely apart to find the problem.

  1. The gap between the wiring and the PCB contact is closer than expected.
  2. Poor soldering condition

I knew it created this movement.
I solved the problem by restoring the solder and shielding the wiring.

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Sounds interesting. I will take a look in one week when being back at my simulator.