Turtle Beach Profiles Re: Forced name changes & Can they just be deleted?

I’m a beginner and feel that my only recourse is to delete existing profiles and start totally over. I’m pretty confused…

  1. When looking at VF1 ‘Default’/ Yoke I see (as an example) ‘Toggle Smart Camera’ is mapped as ‘joystick button 1’ (which is actually B3). I want to remap B3 to ‘Nav Lights’. When I attempt to clear the input, the message says “Please enter a name for this new input profile”. And I don’t want a different name! I’m going daffy…
  2. Can profiles just be ‘deleted’?

Thanks for your impending input!

You cannot overwrite the default profile after you modified it’s keybinds.
Which is insofar good, as when you mess something up or something stops working (usually after an update), you can still fall back to that.

So the first thing when you custom edit something is to give the thing a name.
This will be your “default” profile (or preset/template) for that from now on and this you can overwrite repeatedly.
You might want to select it later when you start the sim next time (blue arrow besides the name “default”, as the sim might start up with “default” again.

To delete profiles/presets, go to Configuration, Controls, select your preset, then select “open preset manager” (bottom line of the screen). Here you can rename, clone or delete it.
I have one VC1 profile for the Spitfire (1 engine, the other axxis are for the mixture, flaps and gear) and the JU52 where 3 axxis are taken up by the engines, the fourth for flaps.