Turtle Beach - Velocity One Drivers?

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A older friend of mine purchased a new PC, ultrawide monitor, cockpit and the Turtle Beach - Velocity One system for flying in MSFS 2020. He’s had nothing but headaches with getting this setup to work properly. When I look under Game Controllers it shows 2 devices. Both say the same thing, 3 Axis, 20 button gamepad, not as a Turtle Beach - Velocity One perephiral. But in MSFS it displays both controllers correctly. See the images below:



Does this sound correct? Why would TB not provide drivers like all of the other manufacturers with the actual names of the devices? In MSFS too, it’s almost impossible to setup the controllers properly because of this driver problem I believe. This premium controller should be a straight forward plug and play (not plug and pray) setup without spending countless hours fiddling to get it to work as advertised by the manufacturer. If someone could please point me in the right direction to assist my friend, I would be very grateful. Thanks.


Have you checked here? There’s a control center app for things like checking firmware, and a separate utility if you want to configure the control panel.



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In addition to checking the firmware make sure you have the Turtle Beach V1 itself configured properly for a PC. The V1 is not being recognized properly by the sim as per your pics.

The Turtle Beach web site has a lot of great support documentation on how to set up the V1 for the PC.

I’d bet it’s in XB mode. I’m pretty sure I had mine up on PC even before installing the control center.

How do I find out if the V1 is in XB mode?

Thanks for your reply. It’s really Windows that isn’t seeing the V1 properly. I’ve tried looking for support on the TB site, but I couldn’t find anything to address my friends problems.

Press down on the arrow keys on the TB V1 to bring up the menu. The first selection is 01 input mode. There is Xbox, pc, pc legacy 1, pc legacy 2. You’ll want to select pc.

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This ^^^^

Also, you need to make sure the V1 is configured for the proper airplane type (single engine prop/twin engine jet) under profile using the same interface as pictured above. With the TB V1, you need to make sure you have the V1 configured in alignment with the controller profile on the sim for whatever plane you are flying.

In addition, make sure the firmware is version 1.4.0 on the home screen of the V1 as @BigCow74 recommended.

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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I’ll try them out and see if it helps. At this point I’m probably going to wipe his solid state drive, reinstall Windows 11 and start over from scratch.