Turtlebeach Velocity One Flight clicking sound?

So have had this product for 3 weeks now and very happy with it but as of today when i push or pull on the yoke i hear a clicking sound as if you can hear a spring being pulled and pushed, its only if you push in a certain amount before tou hear it and same with pulling. Does everyone have this ?

There’s two big springs on a rod offset to the right of the yoke, with a carrier that puts the load over to that rod from the yoke column itself. There’s also multiple bushings for everything, so something could surely ‘click’. If you don’t feel it in the motion of the yoke itself I wouldn’t sweat it. Aileron quickly returning to center will ‘click’ as it crosses center, but only with abnormally aggressive turning or letting it spring back and forth. If you are in a vacuum with no other sound around you can hear spring noise.

It creaks and groans and clicks a little bit, it’s taking a lot of forces and it’s made of plastic. Randomly push on any part of your car’s dashboard and you’ll hear something creak or click, even a BMW with the ash hardwood and ceramic knobs packages.

Thanks for asnwering, yeah it clicks when pushing forward at a certain point and then clicks again when pulling back like a switch it sounds like, just never heard it before

Here, from an older post. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME :crazy_face: It works fine as is and probably has been tweaked a little bit over time by TB. But if you wanna see some guts… And I even noted the throttle levers we were all worried about that still work perfectly fine after a few hundred hours untouched. I just went chasing stuff when I have $1500 DD racing base setups vs a $350 all-in-one that’s still an incredible amount of capability for less than one fancy add-on steering wheel.

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I was looking at your photos showing the inside of the Velocity One Yoke. You mentioned that in photo “B” the small board to the left of the shaft is the motion sensor. Is that the same thing as a non contact Hall Effect Sensor? If so do you know the exact sensor TB uses? I’m wondering if my sensor might be having an issue. My elevators work fine but sometimes the ailerons become canted to the right and they get a little jumpy. Hope to hear back from you.

hi, may I trouble you for a suggestion. I dropped velocity one yolk from standing height, since then the aileron axis and rudder triggers are not detected by MSFS and yolk itself. I ran the TB recovery tool, it reverted the firmware to older version so i updated it again to V1.4.0, nothing improved, every other button and axis is working. out of curiosity i opened it up see if anything is broken. everything seems intact and all wires are connected. i don’t know what part is actually damaged. is there anything I can do about or is it going straight to the bin. please comment. Thanks you.

The question you have to answer is- How long have you owned this yoke? If it is less than a year you could contact Turtle Beach and see if your warranty would allow a replacement yoke to be mailed to you. If it’s older than 1 year then the warranty is expired. Turtle Beach offers no paid repair service on their yokes. I found this out when my aileron controls were acting up. When I wrote TB for help they said there was nothing they could do for me because the warranty was expired.

Hi, Thank you. I am past that point, received similar message from TB. any other thoughts?

Hello everyone,

I have now bought the VelocityOne Flight and am satisfied so far.
After about 2 hours of flying, I’m writing to you now :slight_smile:

Is there anyone here who has been running this good thing on the Xbox for a long time?

A few questions/problems:
The yoke is currently very “jerky”. The zero point is in the middle and it noticeably “clicks” into place, like a kind of magnet that pulls the yoke into this position. Certainly the point when both springs are relaxed. This is really stupid, especially when landing, because fine steering is almost impossible. Does it become a little softer or smoother over time? Speaking of feathers. They sound really scary and squeak a bit. And when I push in and pull out (quick movements when steering) the stop on the springs (in the middle) sounds something like the trigger on a pinball machine. With you too? Normal?
I put the SIP into operation normally. It shows what it is supposed to do with the standard board. Now I’ve watched some YT videos and read on TurtleBeach, but I’m none the wiser. Can I also adapt the SIP on the Xbox or can I just use the standard board?
The display on the Yoke has a brighter area at the bottom right. It looks like the housing is pressing there. I would describe it as “not evenly lit”. I could basically live with that. Or is this possibly due to construction and also for you?!

Here a video:

Any Tipps?
Send this one back and a new one?

It will definitely get smoother over time. I had a new one because my first one was a production problem but with the new one I have had now for 15 months and after like 2 months it became a bit smoother. Definitely also enjoying this product and handles great.

You get the same „sounds“?

That is the spring you hear