[Tutorial/Showcase] Freeware Flight Recorder App

Here is a short video on how to use the fantastic new freeware app, ‘Flight Recorder’. It’s incredible, and it’s easy to use. Have a little look - I reckon it’ll transform your simming life! :slight_smile:


Had some fun with it, it’s for a freebee

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Today I tried the Nguyenquyhy - Flight Recorder latest revision, I was very impressed to say the least. For a while it looked just like the replay system of X-Plane 11, except that in X-Plane 11 it runs in the background, you don’t even know it is there. Flight Recorder has to be started preferable with your engines running and stopped before you turning the engines off, then you can finish your fly, and playback to see how you performed from take off to landing, you can use the camera and see views form different angles while in flight. You can see your landing from different views, and this is exactly what I was waiting for (and its FREE and we can reward the author). You can (you have to) Pause and Jump Forward at any time in your recording. You can save it, etc. See the author notes. It has some limitations right now, and if you read the author notes, you will learn how to use the tool right now and enjoy it like I do. I think it is an excellent freeware product, go check it out. You can find all the pertaining information about it, right here in the forum.