TV settings & HDR10

Hi folks!
Maybe any expert to help me here:
Samsung TV 4k HDR TV
My question which is better for HDR on windows :
RGB full range 8 bits HDR ON / YCBCR 422 limited range 10 bits HDR ON
I cannot set more than 8bits on RGB because HDMI 2.0
Thanks a lot!

This is what I have discovered in my journeys into the world of 4k.

  1. Make sure the hdmi ports are set to extended and not standard (on display)
  2. Make sure you have a new(er) quality hdmi cable capable of handling the traffic.
  3. Even if your only using a 1080p monitor you want to use YCBCR 422 and 10bit or 12 bit color (I perfer the 12 bpc it seems to look a little better)

When you set to 422 you’ll have to select that mode, then apply it, and then set the color bpc and apply again…

After you see it in this mode you’ll swear they wrote the game with that as the standard and to hell with everybody else! Bwhahahahahah.


So you recommend to set YCBCR422 12bpc
I use a Samsung TV 4K hdr with a 4k@60hz hdmi cable

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Yup, 10 or 12 bpc is alot better.

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