Twin Otter land on Aircraft Carrier | San Francisco | recorded in Virtual Reality

Great. Well done.

Music off for landing though please. (Aircraft fx only).

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thanks for that

landing on a moving carrier shouldn’t be any hardship for the Twotter. They even landed a C130 on one of the old non-nuclear carriers.
Have you tried setting the Twotter down on a stationary carrier?

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yes you are right, the music is too loud in some places. I only noticed after the video was online.

no, the landing is really not difficult for a twinotter. I didn’t even have reverse throttle on. I haven’t tried stationary yet, but it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Just be clear I mean music completely off (not aircraft sounds), for the landing segment. Adds to the tension. (It’s an old film trick). Then bring it back in on success if you want. :slight_smile:

Great video.


The angled landing deck of a Nimitz-class carrier is about 800ft long. Considering the Twotter needs a bit more than half the length of the runway at Saba (1312ft) to come to a standstill with reverse thrust that should still be doable without problems.

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It’s the twin otter, you don’t want to hear it.

Also good choice on the carrier as landing on water currently isn’t ideal.

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