Twin Towers New York..yes..i made it

hello everyone…im so nostalgic that i made the WTC for MFS to fly once again over the twin towers.
this is the first attemp…i made a mistake about the antenna because the central strip was black and i painted it red.
any advice to make the wtc more similar before 2001 of course.
thanks a lot


Very nice, if you ever get too put the Hudson Yards in Manhattan please let me know.:clap::clap:

Very impressive! Any plans for the rest of the complex?

yes… i have to remove some new building and make 5 old in the world trade center

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Very well done. I love it.
Can I pay for a copy?
Long Time FSX simmer. Home built Cockpit. Private Pilot. Flew many first time visitors to NYC thru the Hudson VFR slot past those towers. New to FS2020.

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:sweat_smile:pay for that? come on…:wink:
anyway i have to finish the project…i realized that the antenna is wrong…the middle strip is black but i painted it red…and i want to add objects on the roof…

Like I said long time FSX new to FS 2020 and totaly new to users forums.
figured out FSX solo. FS 2020 not so much. Thanks for the response.
to my first in my life post.

If you’re new to fs2020, check out You will find a lot of quality updates for the scenery, mainly US and UK but other countries are starting to get attention too.

It may even have your local Airport\field :slight_smile:

This looks beautiful! Any idea when it might release? I’m really eager to start getting some beautiful wallpapers of the towers in the sunset

Wonderful job!

Nice, what be awesome is if it can have King Kong on top on a fullmoon night with towers lighted. Brings back the memory of watching the big ape and looks like he will be fighting Godzilla soon😁

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Great project !

On top of Empire State Building… you’d probably reconstruct Empire State Building as well… but putting King Kong on top of it should not be a problem :smile_cat: set the full moon with FS and include a King Kong mesh on the correct altitude, there are many, there could be a .GLB

I think it could be complicated to place King Kong accurately on top, when you do not create Empire State Building itself… ground level may be slightly different from Twin Towers… wonder if actual altitude of the Empire State Building (GL+381m) could be available in the MSFS files… I found this on the Cesium website,

If you mouse over the city and click buildings, you see indexes, like Bldg_12210009196, there may be a BLG file somewhere ?

Pleeease release it soon. I MUST have the Twin Towers in my FS 2020. I miss them so much, and if we can’t have them back in real life I at least want to have them in my flightsim. Thanks so much!!!

I flew King Kong to the US (very nice company), but I don’t know yet, how to put him on top of Empire State Building

Also hope to have one day the Pan Am Building

Excellent piece of work.

It will be available only aftert a free offer via paypal

And how long until I can make this offer. I really wanna download

available here

donations are welcome ,…ahah :slight_smile:


Any chance of the original pan am building,(currently metlife) complete with the helipad so we can land on there?