Two Inop Alaska VORTACs

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HBT 113.2 and 109.5 PDB ni signals

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Tune it and see while airrbone and close

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HBT shows as a DME-only navaid on the world map. It may have been one of the VORs that’s been converted in recent years from a VOR/DME to DME only.
A search for PDB doesn’t return any results. Could you please verify if that’s the correct ID?

Do you mean PDN instead of PDB?

PDN is also a DME facility. Per

Class: HW/DME
Frequency: 371
TACAN channel: 32X (tune DME to 109.50)

The entry for HBT shows:

Class: HW/DME
Frequency: 390
TACAN channel: 79X (tune DME to 113.20)

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