Two windsocks each side at LVFR KSAN

I have two windsocks each side at LVFR KSAN. At the western runway end they are about 10 feet apart and on the eastern 1 runway entry. They are also showing the opposite wind direction even 10 feet apart.

That’s fairly common I think. You can log a Zendesk ticket about this so that it is officially logged.

if your talking about the LatinVFR Addon, then you may want to test if its that before reporting this to MS
i couldnt find any update info so i cant tell when they last updated that scenery or even when it was released
have you tried Without that Addon scenery installed (or better without Any addons)?

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If the LatinVFR product is not properly excluding the KSAN windsocks, then I don’t think Zendesk can help them.

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Also the last time I landed there, the ILS Freqs for 27/9 were reversed.

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I have no such experience with LVFR’s KSAN.

even 3 on the other side