Typhoon above Australia


Whatdo you think about this aircraft? Worth the money? Systems work? Thank you

While there seems to be complaints about its accuracy, it is a stable aircraft for me. And flying at mach 2.1 isn’t bad either. If you get stuck on something, give me a shout. Otherwise check list is right in the displays. No regrets here.

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Hint…It does say full power takeoff, but as soon as you lift off at 140 kts. , pull back to half power so it doesn’t quickly get away from you. Keeps it under control. Even pulling power all the way back, you will keep accelerating for a bit. You’ll get used to it.

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Wow, nice tip haha! Thank you!

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I asked for a refund … Unfortunately it works badly … It gives me stability problems 15-20 fps … With the rest of the planes I arrive at 50 fps … Too bad … I will wait for an improved version

All aircraft are not for everyone…that’s a fact! :wink:cheers

I don’t understand your answer … Anyway I bought the Fiat G91 and it is much better …

Excellent…at that speed should be easier to control.
Have a great flight! :raising_hand_man:

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How’s it going with that…did you get it?