Typhoon crashes the game on Xbox Series X

Euro fighter Typhoon crashes and closes the game immediately when I click on the yellow FLY button.

This happens 9 out of 10 times and when the game does manage to load with this aircraft, the landing light can no longer be turned off. Also speed brake is completely broken. This was not an issue before the latest update they released. Other aircraft work just fine except for the Typhoon. I reset my saved progress and even reinstalled the entire game with no change in status. The developers need to update the Typhoon because it no longer is compatible on Xbox Series X

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Since this refers to a 3rd Party aircraft, I’ve moved your topic into #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft. I’d recommend also trying to reach out to the vendor regarding this.

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Thank you for let me know what to do.

I just emailed BredOK3d and let them know that their Typhoon is gone with the latest update. It no longer is compatible with MS Flight Simulator after the major update.

I hope they do something about. Either fix the aircraft or remove it from market place.

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Quick update - The vendor replied to my email and had me reinstall the aircraft from content manger and restart the game. I did what they asked me to do with no change in status. I let them know that their troubleshooting had failed

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This is exactly what I’m experiencing too. Only happens with the typhoon and only since last update.

Very frustrating

To add. I fully reinstalled the game then the world updates and lastly the plane.

No change. Still crashes to desktop every time I try to use the typhoon

I’m on Xbox series S

I just bought the typhoon not even less than 20 minutes ago, it keeps crashing on both the legacy and modern flight modes… what a waste of $20

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I hadn’t long bought it either.

I emailed them, my reply:

“ Some XBOX USERS have problem with the Eurofighter, the game crash!

We are working to rebuild all Eurofighter System and model, please be patient.”

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I can’t wait for Typhoon to return. For Xbox owners, there is no faster aircraft than the Typhoon. I hope we get the F-35 and C17 military plane in the future.

Thank you for the update . See you in the skies.

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After reading posts , just gave it a go , didn’t crash sim just sat at loading screen red bar full , had to ctl alt del to move on , so typhoon sits in hanger utfn !

I play the game with an Xbox Controller, not with a keyboard. I’m on Xbox, not on PC. I don’t know if PC players have also been affected by the bug or not. a glitch in the Typhoon on the Xbox has been verified and Developers are aware of it. It appears that they have promised a fix for it soon, according to another member here. I just hope they don’t make us wait for months. :worried:

I wish there were better fighter jets in the marketplace on the Xbox. The F-14 & F-15 are nice but not as fast as the Typhoon.I wouldn’t mind paying more for better fighter Jets.

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I am on pc so same issues !


Developers are now officially acknowledging that “Some XBOX USERS have problem with the Eurofighter”.

They are not mentioning PC users, meaning you are not affected. If you are, then you should contact Bredok3d.com and let them know that PC users are also having issues with the Eurofighter Typhoon

BredOK3d Website

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On the plus side. F18 comes out 19th November. Proper job not a janky third party one.

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That is great news! Also arriving on Nov. 19 is turbojet Concord.

Edit - DC Designs is working on the Concord. Release date is sometime in December, not November.

Go into settings, data, delete rolling cache and turn it off. Mine doesn’t crash anymore.

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Thanks for the info… I went ahead and purchased the F-15 instead. It may not be faster than the Eurofighter but it sure is fun and sounds nice too.

My next aircraft is going to be the F-18 arriving on November 18.

Hey Chris, mine works now… try loading another plane (I loaded in the a320), and then back out and load in the EF, mine works and haven’t been any crashes!

Also, don’t program a new route on the flight management system (that will fatal crash the game as well lol)

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Longstroker = Genius

It works

Just re tried after a while up and running pleased to say😁