UAE tour

Flight Length : 245nm; approx. 1 hour and 45 minutes
Altitude : 6000ft max
Aircraft Type: Turboprops, 208 B is recommended
Cruising Speed : around 155 kts
Time & Weather Setting : Any thing but 4pm is recommended + live weather
Multiplayer Settings : All Players
Date : Friday, March 19th
Start Time : 18:00 ZULU
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Starting by flying from OMAI then cruising around the coasts of the UAE till we reach the tallest city in the world, Dubai! Then landing in one of the smallest airports in the country OMSH, After which we will continue till Ras al Khaimah where we will pass over the Mounties and end the flight with a landing at OMRK.

During the flight we will see the biggest artificial islands, the tallest building in the world and the biggest mall in the world. While we pass over there, we will describe the places in more detail.

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Places we will fly over :


As an ex Dubai resident, will happily join you on 19th, Rashed… Spitfire on your wing?

Thank you for joining, hope you enjoy.

The flight plan have been updated

Thanks for the flight, enjoyed it!