Uiver Team Douglas DC-2

I remember a particularly delightful add-on published by a group called the Uiver Team for FSX. It was a rendition of the Douglas DC-2, the direct forerunner of the DC-3. It was particularly fun to fly and beautifully rendered. I am wondering how many folks here would like to have a version of this gem for MSFS and if anyone knows the status of the Uiver team nowadays?
Here’s to dreams…


A few years ago I did a Uiver livery for the VSkyLabs DC3 (XP11) for a group event following the route of the 1934 MacRobertson air race.

Obviously there were differences between the DC2 and DC3 but it was close enough I guess.
The trek from Mildenhall to Melbourne was epic!


Thank you very much for remembering the Uiver Team and your kind words! I was part of the team and responsible for the textures. Working on the DC-2 was really a great experience. I’m still in lose contact with @RobCap1966 , who created the beautiful 3d model, and of course we talked briefly about bringing the DC-2 into MSFS. But no concrete plans yet. Unfortunately we lost the contact to our programer who made such an awesome job with the systems.

So not sure what the future will bring but a DC-2 for MSFS is certainly missed :slight_smile:


I was a proud owner of the Uiver DC-2. It was one of my favorite aircraft in FSX. You guys did a great job! It would be great to see her again in MSFS … perhaps a collaboration with GotFriends would be possible, regarding the systems side of things?


I’d love to see the DC-2 brought into MSFS! Had the original version y’all did and it was beautiful.

After reading about how much more challenging it could be than the DC-3 in Fate is the Hunter, I’d be excited to fly it again. (And yeah, I was going to suggest maybe reaching out to GotFriends for a collaboration – they are whizzes on the systems/flight model fronts!)

(I wouldn’t expect you to simulate having to go back and hit the pipes behind the cockpit with a wrench to get the cockpit heating working, though, as Gann recounts!)


Well, what do you know!
Actually, I got her back into Blender.

Still loads to do!
New textures, new animations, update lots in the 3D work, since not all was imported correctly from the Gmax model.
But who knows, it might be possible, when we can get a group together to get things going again.
It was cool working together with a great group of people on this project, and it might come back to life. I would love that!
Thanks, for tagging me, @TimHendrik

Cheers, Rob.

And remember, no DC3, without the DC2!


Or…Big Radials??? :stuck_out_tongue: :+1:

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ooh, having the Uiver again would be really cool!
Good to see you’re still around, Rob!


I would love having it too!


I am. And so are you, I see. Having massive fun with MSFS. Also doing some scenery stuff now. The Arrows Across America project, recreating the old mail routes in the USA.
Look here, update eminent.


Looks stunning! nice work!

Been to Mildenhall myself a fair few times.