UK and Ireland roads download help- Taburet UK

I have downloaded the Taburet UK and Ireland roads addon onto my E drive. But I cannot find out how to get it from there onto my MSFS. I have only very basic computer skills so any easy to understand help is welcome.

I assume it is a zip file - right?
extract the zip file - it should show a folder with some other folder and .json files in it.

now find you MSFS install folder, inside find the packages folder and inside this one the community folder.

now copy the folder from zip file to the community folder. Restart MSFS and you should be good to go.


Thanks for the reply. I can unzip the file and get two .json files. But I cannot the MSFS install folder or the community folder in my MSFS. I have tried under developers and packages without any joy. It is probably something simple and obvious that I am doing wrong that is not simple and obvious to a computer illiterate like myself.

If you have the Microsoft store version of the simulator and it has been installed in the default location, your community folder is here:- C:\Users<your user name>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community

Thanks for your help. I managed by luck and ignorance to locate the community folder in the developer mode and transfer the file over. I cannot for the life of me though see why Microsoft have chosen to hide the community file. Surely it would make life much simpler for tose of us who are not so computer literate if it was out in the open under say options?

Are you sure the zip only contains two .json files? usually there should be also at least one directory which goes along the .json files.
But I am not entirely sure, perhaps there are mods only containing .json files :man_shrugging:

Yes, definitely only two .json files that I can see, layout and manifest. There are four other files listed but only the two .json files

hmm that is indeed strange…

It certainly is well hidden but once I found it I created a shortcut and pasted that onto my desktop.

That plus Addon Linker makes it really easy to manage when it comes to updates.

Thanks for the reply. I am still though trying to figure out why when I check in my content folder and press the “I” button next to anything downloaded from the community folder it comes up as “waiting ok”. Waiting for what and for how long?

Out of interest, is this pack good? I have their 3D UK Night pack and it certainly adds a little colour.

To be honest I do not think that it adds anything in VR. In normal monitor mode there is a slight improvement in the definition of the roads but that is about it. It could be that I have not downloaded it correctly from the Community so I might try removing it and downloading it again.

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