[UK ATC] Heathrow Grand Prix

On the 21st February at 1430 ZULU, UK ATC will be hosting their second event - this time making it a bit more fun.

We’re inviting you to participate in an event in which we will race planes around the Taxiways at Heathrow… and do drag-races on the parallel runways! Anyone is welcome to attend without prior booking.

Note: Please make sure you report your aircraft type on initial contact on stand as a Cessna 172 drag racing an A320neo doesn’t sound very fair. :laughing: We will control you around the airport as per usual. No clearance is required - just request push and start and you will be taxiied out when there is a slot in a race available to you.

Trainee controllers are welcome to control as well. You will be invited to attend a briefing to ensure it goes smoothly.

Please follow the parking guide to reduce taxiing and waiting time:

To attend the event, join our Discord: https://discord.gg/JY2AXzBZGy

More information is available on the #announcements channel regarding the event.