UK English voices for ATC

I don’t want to upset the American bretheren, but I would prefer the option to use UK English rather than the US version.

Have you tried disabling English US language pack in your Windows settings, and just install and set the English UK by default?

I don’t use US English in Windows. Everything is set to UK English. Are you saying that you can hear UK English ATC in sim?

I dunno… it depends if they have a UK English soundpack from Microsoft.

Yes, I have tried that, and even installed IVONA TTS voices (UK and Australian) and set them as default for windows, but sadly MSFS2020 just ignores them, when you set it to Windows Offline. i too would like to de-Americanize the sim voices

No offense taken from this American.
There is another post about this, “Use Azure to give ATC regional accents”, which is a little broader than this. And I would love to see (hear) this, too. I don’t want to fly out of Sydney and hear an American. Or St. Petersburg or Tokyo or Santiago or Toulouse or Edinburgh, either.
The sim is not exactly American, either, though. In the US, ATC and pilots say “point” instead of “decimal”.

Yes, I tried Azure as well, but still get the U.S accent, so somethings broken somewhere. I would have thought that Windows offline setting runs your local prioritized language pack, but this is not the case atm.

Is there actually supposed to be some kind of accent variation?
The release notes for ( ) say “Incoming ATC Azure speech has now three different voices.” That leads me to believe that there are three voices and that’s all you get.
But two bullet points down from there, it also says, “Fix for the incorrect voice pack being used if the game is not localized in English and if the Windows Offline Text-to-Speech option is used.” which makes it sound like there are more than three voices.

Yes I tried the Azure option after the patch, and all I got was a robotic US woman and 2 US men, LoL, so I’m staying with the Windows offline mode, but as the sim appears more broken than it was before the patch, am temporarily going back to my P3D v4.5, and revisit this sim, in about 6 months

The bigger question is, do we actually have TTS voice pack with UK accent in Windows?

Not by default, I suspect. I bought IVONA TTS voices and installed them, so when you want a word doc or some other doc read out to you, I get the Australian girl or guy

I guess we will have to wait and see. For now it’s robot sally and chums.

I don’t think an third party TTS voices is supported since the sim can’t run the TTS voice from outside of what it’s capable of… I may be wrong though.

even better might be to have the accent based on the airport we’re at?

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That would be nice… but the bigger question is, do we have a TTS voice package with all accents that ever existed?

It is miserable that we still have the US voice or the US voice or the US voice for synthesised speech.
As if the game isn’t US centric enough already.
Asobo, with the power of Azure cloud tech and speech synthesis being no issue these days male/female accents why do we only have male and female generic US ones?

It is a real immersion breaker having same US ATC voice wherever in the world we are flying and I am sick of sounding American (no offence to Americans but I want my own accent or better still my own voice as copilot if I wish to handover ATC

Do the trucks have voices? Please open a thread asking for American trucks in the USA. You have my full support.


So your argument is some of the trucks look like European models so therefore the sim is European centric? :thinking: