UK points of interest not installing

Hi all,
first I went to the Microsoft store to get all updates
then I went to the market place I then got the world updates III UK
if I look in the content manager I see one not installed UK points of interest I have tried to install it keeps failing
here screenshot

showing what I get I have tried restarting the game and the install 3 times with no change
how can I fix this Beau

I’m having trouble with this package too, except my issue is that I can’t get the sim to find the update. It goes from “checking for updates” directly into loading the second most recent version of the sim.

Me too, exact same issue. I am assuming it’s due to the server problems that MS/Asobo mentions on the forums.

For me the same!
It download a little bit or sometimes till 19% and then the speed droped and over!
I never seen such a bad download system! Evan when you reach 98% or so you had to start from the beginning…

It worked for me now… update completed.

I have had my just say it done or go only to 50%
then fail

Same here. Have tried over 10 times. Restarted the app. Restarted the PC. Tried the suggestions on Zendesk - no joy. Gets anywhere from 2%-95% but always fails the same as shown on the screen shot. So annoying!

And fixed. Turned off the stupid bandwidth usage limit which was set to 5Mbs to unlimited and it downloaded and installed in 5 minutes flat - I tried for hours prior with no success. Grrr - I had set this when I first installed FS2020, but I updated the machine and reinstalled and forgot to reset this from defaults . . . .

I do not remember set mine once I put it on unlimited it installed

I did not limit my download bandwith but the points of interest still do not install

Did you clear the rolling cache? Do that and try again

Updated this morning and when installing the UK/ Ireland bit it told me I reached my download limit. Sim has always been set to unlimited. Redownloaded and it installed fine.

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