Ultimate Live Traffic?

I love this sim but wish it had Ultimate Live Traffic, that is really what I’m missing from P3D. Anyone heard anything about it coming to 2020?

Won’t happen officially with any support from Microsoft. That would be a bandaid from a 3rd party dev that covers over yet another poorly implemented Asobo effort.

Right now, FS2020s live traffic has been nerfed cos some bright spark at Asobo realised that they were getting lots of aircraft data with no altitude or destination…and so decided to filter those aircraft out without bothering to check just what percentage of data was about to be filtered. Hence why we’re missing half of the aircraft that flightradar shows us should be there.

From the last Q&A, they’re working on some algorithm to calc/estimate missing data. How successful it will be at restoring live traffic remains to be seen.

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LIve Traffic has been better as of late. Back a month or so ago, we were lucky to see what I calculated as 10-20% of actual traffic in the air - a number which was confirmed in the last Q&A.

Now it seems like there’s about 50% due to the reason @SwoopGB explained. Sometimes a bit more, but typically it’s about 50%. It’s definitely better than it was a few weeks back, but the skies can still feel a little lonely at times. I do hope Asobo get their solution for this implemented sooner rather than later.

But when did they realise this, last month? This should have been realised many months if not a year or more ago when they were developing the game and were planning this feature, and solutions found back then. That missing data was going to cause issues for live traffic was blatantly obvious.


Glad it’s been better for you, I have virtually no live traffic even around busy airports like KDFW and KATL.

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It’s got its moments for me as well. Like Swoop said, they made a pretty bad decision on how to filter out traffic, and at times, it kills almost everything that should be in the air. I did a KOPF to KATL a couple of days ago. The skies around Miami were swarming with traffic. Arrived at KATL to see pretty much nothing in the air.

With the current Live Traffic system flying GA is one of the loneliest experiences. From the completely dead radios to the dead airports. I have literally never seen a single GA plane take off or land at a single airport I’ve been at. Hopefully, they figure out some way to inject some more traffic.


I will agree that it is terribly hit and miss. I flew in the UK this morning and no live traffic was showing up.

However, I switched to AI traffic at 50% and soon everything was lighting up like a Christmas tree. Frame rate hit is much improved. Had to follow 3 GA aircraft on final. Unfortunately ATC spacing was quite poor and I ended up outpacing the Cessna on final in front of me.

Sticking with AI traffic for now.

In a separate question, shouldn’t AI traffic show up on the VFR map and the G3000? Live traffic usually does…