Ultrawide 21:9


I have for almost 1 year a ultrawide 2560x1080p and very happy with it, but im wondering if worth to change it for a new 3440 x 1440 ? Or I will not notice much difference about image quality between both monitor ?

2080 super
32 ram
3000mhz memory

Best and thx for you help

I use a 2560x1080 with a slightly less powerful rig. I stood before the same question, but with almost twice (x1,8) the resolution I was afraid for my frame rates. FS2020 is demanding enough as it is.

I guess your computer with the 2080 super could maybe pull it off …

You can, with same display size, already see the difference. The image becomes sharper. But you also need, roughly calculated, about 80% more GPU power compared to 2560 x 1080.

2560 x 1080 = 2.764.800px
3440 x 1440 = 4.953.600px

So i recently did the research about ultra-wides, and had a 4K 3840 x 2100 monitor. It was a wide screen Dell 24 inch but i wanted an ultra wide screen

I first got a Samsung 49 inch at 2560 x 1080 and was kinda dissaapointed. It did not look as sharp as my Dell.

So i exchanged it for a Samsung CRJ 49 at the highest ultrawide resolution i could find at about 5120 by 1440 and am much happier with it.

In your case you may not notice a huge difference, but if you buy a new monitor at the higher resolution, make sure you keep the receipt so you can return it!

I actually tried and returned 3 monitors before i settled on my current one!

I looked at 38 inches, then 43 inches and then decided to splurge with a 49 inch.
One of them came cracked from Amazon ( i will never buy such a large monitor from Amazon again, just too risky)

Here are some images on this resolution

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@SlidHydra647449 Looks soo sharp :heart_eyes:. However my budget alone is enough for 3440x1440

I recently bought a MSI Curved 1440 Ultra Wide 34" with 100hz. I have a 3700x with a 5700xt with 32gb ram and can run a mix of high and ultra at 1440 and generally get around 40-50 fps. The sharpness is very noticeable coming from 1080p. It was on sale and had a rebate that came out to be a total cost of 380ish

You will certainly a sharper image but prepare for a performance hit.Everything is much crisper even Moving from 1920x1080 to 2560x1440 here and there is less need for sharpening and higher AA.

i think with 3440 horizontal pixels, the 1440 will go well with it ! With my longer 5000 pixels, i wanted the most vertical pixels i could get since the 49 inch is so wide, its easier to critically see the image more closely.

If you’re going ultra wide for flight simmming, take my advice and go for 3840x1600. That extra vertical screen space is a massive deal in the cockpit…I use a 38 inch at 3840x1600.

i could not find a 5K (49 inch display that had 1600 pixels vertical. Max was 1440. Still the width is extremely immersive!

I went from a 2550x1080 29" flat to a 3440x1440 35" curved (BenQ EX3501R), and I couldn’t be happier.
Both are/were driven by a 1080ti, which looks great at Ultra settings. Plus, outside the sim the extra height (1440 vs 1080) makes a huge difference to productivity apps.

I do kinda wish it had a 5k panel though (it has to share desk space with my work 27" 5K retina iMac, and side by side it does make the BenQ look a little clunky).

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ive just got hold of a ultrawide screen and i couldnt be happier with it.
sim looks fantastic and i have it connected to a dp cable.

I have the Acer Predator Z35. 2560 x 1080 Ultrawide Curved monitor. 120Hz boosting to 200Hz, running off a GTX 1080 and I am extremely happy with it. The image is very sharp, and the screen is big enough, and tall enough for me not to think of going the triple screen route. Would I like to go 1440p? To be honest I’m not to sure? Obviously the image quality will be better, but I like my 50 to 60fps, and there are other things I need, like rudder peddles, MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe (over my standard edition). I guess its about priorities, and do you actually need it? Do you actually need it, or do you just want it? Either are fine :blush:

Thx @BillUp72

To be honest, the quality of the image of the plane with my ultrawide 1080p + ultra is more than fine, I just think that with a 1440 the whole environment, houses, mountains, terrain, clouds, so forth, would look much better? or am I wrong?

(Im getting 45 - 50 fps in high - ultra but if i will have 20 fps with 1440 wont be an option for me since the future planes I think they will eat more fps than the default)


i get all my monitors from laptops direct in the uk. they use a good courier and ive never had a problem with them. boxes have always been in shape, no dings nothing.

if you are short of cash and would like a monitor thats not so big around 30’ ultrawide and costs under £250 keep an eye on laptops direct as they sneak in promotions in limited numbers.

Me personally (and this is purely personal) I would always go for the extra performance over fidelity. But with MSFS 2020 already having high fidelity, and (in my case) great performance, you can tweak the setting higher.

I run nearly all my settings at medium to high with the odd ultra thrown in. I get great performance and jaw dropping fidelity. And at 50/60fps on my GTX 1080, I see no reason to upgrade my monitor. Or my GPU for that matter. The only upgrades I made on my system was another 16GB of ram, and a 500GB M.2 NVME drive for MSFS. Once again, get what you need, not what you want.

Another thing to think about is upgrading the GPU. If you are going to get a new GTX 3080/3090 then its pointless running a 1080p monitor. The higher pixel count will serve you much better.

I noticed in your OP you don’t say what simulator you are running? This would have an impact on your decision as well. I guess as you are posting in the MSFS 2020 forums you are not running any other flight sims right? :grin: