Ultrawide or 2 Monitors?

So I’m trying to decide whether to go with an Ultrawide or 2 standard monitors. I don’t want the Ultrawide to view more of the cockpit especially but instead be able to have the VFR map and a chart open on the same screen. Alternatively just have 2 monitors side by side.

Will there be a bigger performance hit with the 2 monitor option?

I have tried Ultrawide which is great, but I do like having the bigger vertical space on a standard monitor.

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Performance will be driven by the pixel size of the window with the simulator. Two monitors versus one won’t make much difference if the sim is the same size.

I’d prefer a single ultrawide… A bezel between the two monitor is super-distracting for me.

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It is a matter of personal preference. Even though I have an ultrawide monitor to run MSFS, I also have a second 16:9 monitor to display other applications and pop-up windows. I like it this way so MSFS can use the full area of the main screen.
A single ultrawide monitor might not be optimal in your case since the VFR map and charts would still overlap some of the simulator window. 2 standard monitors might be best for your usage.

I think there are screens out there that give you best of both. They have the option to divide the screen real estate into two logical monitors (windows sees them as two screens) that can run in different modes (one in desktop mode one in fullscreen) but can also be combined as a single coherent screen.

I think some LG UW Monitors can be used that way.

Ultrawide. No contest.

Ultrawide and 1440p!

I use 35 inch ultra wide at 1440p with two 27 inch screens either side used about a third each for the sim. The rest of the screens are used for P2ATC and Air Manager. It’s pretty immersive and I get good fps too.(i5 7600k CPU, 2070S GPU)

Ultrawide gives you some options…you can run the sim in “windowed” mode with another app running beside it. Being the pixel-greedy chap I am, I run an ultrawide and a second monitor that has LittleNavMap and possibly other stuff on it.

It certainly depends on the hardware you’re using to drive that pixel count, but a 21:9 or even better, a 32:9 display at either 1440p or 4K equivalent supplemented by a good 1080p (or better if you can afford it) secondary monitor is pretty much perfect. Bonus points for a vertical mount.

I currently run two 3440x1440 curved screens but will hopefully be selling them and switching to the above setup.