Ultrawide screen monitors


It seems obvious that VR headsets are just the best option for this title BUT…

How do wide screen monitors actually do? - these must give give a good field of view? - OK, not a s good as a VR headset.

Any user experiences - It would be good to know these - Thanks

Samsung G9, RTX3090, i9-10900K here. Don’t use 4K. LOD 120-150’s. Most other settings on ULTRA except grasses. Average fps 30’s-50’s. Best results in darkened room. Superb wide field of vision with minimal to no distortion. Hardly ever have to pan left or right unless I’m really zoomed-in on something. Very happy with results and willing to give up 4K for smoothness. Would like to try VR someday but seems like too much trouble right now given current state of hardware and so many software changes going on every month. I’d end up spending too much time tinkering and not enough time playing. Very happy with this compromise. Worth the $$$. Hope this helps.

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OMG - This is great info. - The Samsung monitors are great.

I think the G9 1440 P is the one I got - It’s a keeper - In fact I got a 1080 49" side screen a few years back - Non curved which would be 1920 X 1080 twice = 3840 X 1080 - Sorry for going off-topic.

But the G9 is a bigger curve - And @ 1440 P is not too bad for the GPU - And you are every happy with it which is good votes for it!

Thanks for the info

The G9 has horrible distortion depending on where you position your field of view. If you view from close to the plane there is little of no distortion, but your screen is filled by the static view of the plane. If you scroll out to maximum view range, then the distortion is very evident. This is something that is going to be fixed in the relatively near future. We will find out in the SU on August 23.

Syldon13 is correct. There IS noticeable distortion on most “outside” views. Less so with just the basic “external” panning view, more so with the drone views. Doesn’t really bother me too much because I rarely fly the plane from outside the cockpit, but if you like to to pre-flight walk around checks with the drone view you will notice it. Again, doesn’t really bother me too much. I was referring to the basic “cockpit” views.

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There’s no feature in the beta so far that would help with this that I know of. Are you thinking of the experimental multi-monitor feature? (It’s currently pretty limited, and really is for multiple monitors; it doesn’t change how 3d is projected on each monitor at all.)

To fix ultra wide view monitors you need a field of view adjustment. You cannot fix multi-monitor without a FOV adjustment also. They are both very much entwined.

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True, but the multi-monitor feature currently has no FOV adjustment, and it’s unlikely to be added in the next two weeks. We can hope though!

Even if it were added, it would mostly duplicate the existing “zoom” setting for a single-monitor setup (though, ideally it might override other cameras to all the same FOV?)

I suspect if simply zooming in from the default FOV isn’t enough to resolve one’s distortion problems, then something else is required like reprojecting from rectangular to cylindrical (or something that adjusts from rectangular in the middle to cylindrical on the outside)