Ultrawide vs 4k

exactly :slight_smile:

That makes ZERO sense… a 4K monitor has the same (more actually) horizontal resolution than the ultrawide (so it’s just as “wide”) while at the same time it has 50% more vertical size. So sure, UW over 1440p, yes. Over 4K? No way…

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For ultimate 360 degree stereoscopic visuals no display can compete with high quality VR headset (Pimax Crystal, Varjo Aero). Due to super high resolution (comparable to 6 4K displays) processed it requires the strongest PC money can buy - if you try it you will probably never return to ordinary display - no matter how big, no matter how many.

It’s not about the resolution, but about the format.

A 4K monitor has a higher res but it’s used to show exactly the same area as for example a 1080p monitor, but with a a better definition.

An UW monitor, despite the lower res, show more area horizontally due to the different ratio.

Yes, and less vertical area, giving you that ugly “squashed” effect in cockpit.

In my opinion 3440*1440 is a good compromise between a regular 16/9 display and those super ultra wide 32/9 monitors.

Adds some nice peripheral immersion (and pretty useful in simulators) but the edges are not stretched too much.

Big 4k for me. (48" LG C2 OLED on my desk)

No idea why anyone would want to fly while wearing one of these: