Unable to add flight plan into A32NX FMCG

Since the latest update on Nov 20th, I’m unable to add a flight plan into the FMCG. My GPS / Nav is all aligned, but when I input into the ‘From/To’ on the Init page, the text disappears but nothing happens. Have rebooted a few times, and tried with the A32NX and also default A320. Any tips?
Many thanks!

Over to Third Party, Aircraft category.

I have a had a bit of this going on too. It always works when departing from the runway, but quite often doesn’t when starting cold and dark from a gate. This is happening with the default FS world map flight planner since SU7 on latest stable v0.7.3 version. I then like you can’t enter a departure/destination manually either so also can’t do a GPS init either.
It happens most frequently for me departing certain airports. I’ve now got to the stage where if it doesn’t load when I start at the gate, I relaunch with a runway departure. I have no idea what is going on nor can I quantify it.
I haven’t tried the development version as it hits my fps too much…

It is happening to me. I have not update the patch did not know there is one. I will go dev version they have a new FMS I think. Maybe that solve the issue. Asobo broke everything :grimacing: :grimacing: