Unable to Bind Camera Settings

Can someone please advise me about binding MSFS functions to keys and devices. I have been struggling with this for months, having watched and read several tutorials but still cannot navigate the complicated MSFS system -especially for mapping Camera settings. I am on MS -Store version.
I seek help with these questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the various categories “All” “Default,” “Assigned”, New", "Profile 1,2,3 "etc. below the settings for each device?
  2. Why do my Assignments not work in the Sim? EXAMPLE: I want to assign Keyboard F1 and F2 to Reset Cockpit and External views respectively. I select Keyboard as the device,and select “ALL” below it. I then delete any pre -existing assignment for Cockpit and External and Assign F1 & F2 for them. I delete any other camera settings which also use F1 & F2. I start the Sim, but my new settings are ignored. I can only use the top Toolbar to change these views.
  3. Why are there 2 columns for every setting? Is this so you can bind the same function to 2 different devices?
    It would be of great assistance if someone would walk me, step by step, through this simple example:
    To bind my Joystick button 3 to toggling between Cockpit & External views.

All = all possible control bindings available in the sim.

Default = the default bindings

Assigned = only the bindings that are programmed. All unused bindings are ignored and not shown.

New profile = self explainitory, start with a blank slate.

Are you pressing " apply and save" after you edit your bindings? If not that woukd be my guess why they arent working. I don’t have this problem all my bindings work as expected.

There are two columns for alternate bindings for the same control. Two differnt ways to execute the same command.

Thanks KaelaNikNak,
Yes, I have been pressing F11 (Apply & Save) after every group of bindings.
Thanks for the clear & helpful explanations on the several types of assignments.
Perhaps something is wrong with my installation, but I’ll keep trying.

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You can’t modify the default keyboard settings. It is persistent and will always be there.
It will ask you to create and name a new keyboard profile if you try this.
(Mouse the same too)
If your not doing this, there is nothing to save and no changes will happen.

You could also try to copy default set up, give it a name then make changes to this one
Remember to save it.

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Work on getting only one binding working as you require before trying anything else. As with most PC things it is easy when you know how and next to impossible when you do not.
Most camera views you will find are already allocated on your keyboard so go to Options -Controls - Keyboard and have a look there. If you want to change any binding you can do so but keep in mind you cannot have the same binding do two separate things at the same time. For example Look Right and Look Left by pressing the same key.

There are heeps of camera setup tutorials on youtube but I suspect the real issue is as ccrbc above states you need to duplicate the default keyboard setup and re-name it something like mykeyboard then make the changes to that profile and save them.

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I would recommend sitting down and spending an hour or two creating a completely customized profile from scratch. It will male it much easier for you to remember and recall where everything is. Get all the basics dialed in. As you find other more specific bindings you could use it only takes a few seconds to add one you may have overlooked or not realized you need. I have mine setup almost identical to how i had fsx.

Thanks to all responders. I shall follow your collective advice.

I lmow this is an old post but i just decided to make a completely new keyboard bindings profile, 2 pieces of info i now found iut, 1 binding (keyboard 5) did not bind the camera view, instead bizzarly it bound it to keyboard 8 which already has a binding but i noticed it had created a toggle between the 2 also DON’T do why i did and conforn to create a new keyboard profile while in game as it will use that immidiately and you wo’nt even be able to use !“escape” to reach the options menu …i had to task manager close and then bound “escape” again to pause function before loading into the actual sim, then i had an escape route.p