Unable to buy on Marketplace Steam (Pending purchase)


I want to give you my money but your marketplace dont want :man_shrugging:


How to continue ?


Is your MSFS installed via Steam? If so ensure that the Steam overlay is active then once you have clicked to buy, press SHIFT + TAB to bring the overlay up and complete the purchase there.

If not Steam, then sorry I cannot help


Thank you :+1:

I had to activate Steam overlay when playing (Steam setting)
I had to restart FS2020

After that, purshasing popup Steam window to purshase Steam credits to exchange with FS2020 market place content :

Glad you got is sorted, this has caught a lot of people out in the past, including me.

Please note there are benefits and negatives to using the in game store and pretty much everything available in it can be bought from external vendors like Sim Market.

Benefits of Marketplace

It’s right there in the game and you (usually) see a pretty picture of what you bought.

Updates are presented as available through the game interface/sort of automatic.

Negatives of Marketplace.

Steam users do not get an itemized receipt as proof of purchase for anything bought in the marketplace.

Updates are almost always late to arrive in marketplace. Available from external vendors much faster.

Add one’s purchased through the marketplace have DRM added which is validated via MS servers. If this fails the add on will flag itself as unavailable and cannot be used.

Personally I have stopped buying through the marketplace until they fix a few of these issues, specifically proof of purchase & updates.

Closing as solved. When using Steam, assure the overlay is on for any marketplace purchase.