Unable to engage afterburner on F14

I have a Thrustmaster Hotas X and when I’m trying to fly the new F14, when i push the throttle all the way forward, the afterburners are not kicking in. Anybody else having this issue?

The default F18 requires you to use the “toggle afterburner” command found under instruments in your keyboard or joystick assignments. I just assigned this command to keyboard key “”. After applying full throttle just use your command and the afternburner will operate. While this command is called toggle afterburner, it only toggles it on, not off. Reducing throttle sees the afterburner stop, and you have to toggle it again after you reapply full thottle.

However if you are using the F18 Super Warrior mod, it automatically applies after burner on full throttle.

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Thanks so much. This is a great help.